About CBD Meal Club

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in sourcing the highest quality ingredients for each one of our infused meal creations. From our locally grown 100% hemp derived CBD to our sustainably sourced international spice blends. Our farm to table CBD infused cuisine can now be enjoyed at home in just 30 minutes! Make it your own farm to table dish by adding your favorite vegetables or proteins.

Why CBD Infused Meals?

By using CBD Meal Club's simple step-by-step methods you can experience the amazing benefits of our hemp extract in your own home.  Using our hand crafted farm to table recipes your food will not only taste good, but will also help your body feel good with the healing power of hemp extract.

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What Comes With Each Box?

Each CBD Meal Club box contains a starch such as pasta or rice, a sustainably sourced spice blend package, and 100% hemp derived CBD olive oil or butter that can be used to infuse your meal. With the simple recipe included, you can follow along easily adding your choice of vegetables or proteins to make a healthy farm to table meal in just 30 minutes or less!

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